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This is my homebuilt cockpit. It is a lowcost project, easy to build.
3 gauges are real, the Attitude Indicator, Heading Indicator, and Airspeed Indicator. All the others are so fare "dummies". 
The HUD is a addon for flying the Jets. It is a software running on the screen.
On the left panel I have placed a lot of switches. Some are for panel lights, some are connected to the computer by a USB-card. I can control landing-gear, flaps, GPS, ATC, airbrakes etc.
I can remove the center-console for pulling out the keyboard.  This is after all computerflying, the keyboard and the mouse must be available. I fly both FS9 and FSX.
The throttle is on the left hand. It makes good control and very realistic flying. The joystick is to the right as in the F 16.
A subwoofer on the floor make very good sound, and a light vibration.
The materials are mainly wood, plywood and cardboard

I have also built the PT 19 A Cornell cockpit, and the F 5 Freedomfighter. No gauges. They are built for a museum.

Building the F 5, see the Video


How I built the cockpit

Cockpit plan

Flightmap Europe here.
Flightmap Central Europe here
"Checklist" for F 16 here




Flying the sim



F 16 at Sola airport